single fathers and teenage daughters - OBGYN advice

single fathers and teenage daughters - OBGYN advice

Why Visit Your OBGYN Doctor?

by Tyler Woods

OBGYN doctors specialize in women's health, especially as it pertains to the reproductive system. It's important to see a gynecologist or OBGYN for routine checkups. Here are four reasons to make an appointment with your doctor if it's been a while since your last appointment:

1. Catch potential problems early.

Seeing your OBGYN doctor annually can help you catch potential problems before they worsen. During your wellness exam, your gynecologist will palpate your breasts to check for lumps. If a lump is found, you will be sent for a mammogram, which can detect the presence of breast cancer. Routine pap smears can find abnormal cervical cells, which may indicate the presence of cervical cancer. When cancer is diagnosed early, you have a greater chance of making a full recovery.

2. Rule out STIs.

Sexually transmitted infections are spread through sexual intercourse and intimate contact. People who are sexually active should be screened for STIs on a regular basis. Some STIs can go undetected for a time, which means you could pass them on to others without realizing it. Your gynecologist will use urinalysis and a sample of your vaginal fluid to check for the presence of common STIs in your body.

3. Receive effective birth control.

Women can take birth control for a number of reasons. Birth control can prevent an unwanted pregnancy. It can also regulate your menstrual cycle, which can benefit those who suffer from heavy bleeding and cramps. Your gynecologist can prescribe a type of birth control that works best for your body and lifestyle. They will educate you on your options, including the birth control patch, ring, implant, and more.

4. Prepare to have a baby.

OBGYN doctors can also help people prepare to have children. Having a baby is a big decision since pregnancy will have numerous effects on your body. An OBGYN doctor can conduct a prenatal exam to determine if you're healthy enough for pregnancy. They can also suggest lifestyle changes that can prepare your body for conception and pregnancy, such as starting a regimen of prenatal vitamins and getting into shape.

If you have trouble conceiving, your gynecologist can conduct additional tests to determine your fertility status. Some fertility issues can be resolved through a simple surgery or other methods, but you won't know until you have a full exam. Your OBGYN doctor will be with you through every step of pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum period.


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single fathers and teenage daughters - OBGYN advice

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