single fathers and teenage daughters - OBGYN advice

single fathers and teenage daughters - OBGYN advice

Use These 3 Lifestyle And Nutritional Guidelines To Help Manage Your Menopause Symptoms

by Tyler Woods

While no woman wants to deal with menopause, it is something that all have to deal with at some point in time. It occurs when the progesterone and estrogen levels take a dive and the hot flashes start taking over. When you understand what's going on in your body, you can figure out a natural way to deal with it. As estrogen levels decline, your chance of dealing with osteoporosis and heart disease increase. Many women going through menopause also notice weight gain and elevated blood pressure. To help make menopause simpler on you, try incorporating some of the tips below.

Keep your bones safe.

To keep your bones healthy and strong, you need to consume plenty of vitamin D and calcium. Even though you can get a lot of nutrients from the different foods you eat, many women don't eat enough of those foods to make a dent in the recommended daily amounts. Aim for around 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day to keep your bones strong and healthy. Women going through menopause can help reduce their chance of broken bones just by upping their calcium intake. During menopause, your bones are more susceptible to breakage due to fluctuating hormone levels and absent periods robbing your bones of their mass. Foods like yogurt, orange juice, broccoli, sardines, salmon and tofu have a fair amount of calcium in them. You can also discuss the need for a calcium supplement with your medical provider.

Work your way through mood swings.

While everyone deals with mood swings at some point, women going through menopause tend to deal with them far more than women who aren't. Mood swings can be difficult for some women to handle. Instead of battling with anxiety and depression, you can kick them to the curb by upping your vitamin B and omega-3 intake.

Incorporate lean meats and poultry, whole grains, lentils and liver to up your vitamin B intake. Salmon, sardines, tuna, flaxseed oil and flaxseeds are great sources of omega-3s.

Minimize your chance of gaining weight.

Many women going through menopause will tend to eat more often, whether it be because of feeling depressed or struggling with mood swings and cravings. Boost your fiber intake to help minimize weight gain. Extra weight can increase your risk of getting cancer and heart disease. Foods that are packed with fiber will help you to feel fuller longer without having to eat as much. Set a goal of 30 grams of fiber every day. Common sources of fiber include barley, air-popped popcorn, lentils, fruits and veggies.

In following the tips above, you can work through your menopause and get back on track to feeling and looking great in no time.

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single fathers and teenage daughters - OBGYN advice

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